The Poetry Collective

The Poetry Collective is a loose conglomerate of poets who live and work in Ireland’s Mid-West (counties Clare and Limerick). Most either live and work in County Clare or have done so in the past. It is an inclusive body and welcomes the participation of all poets from the area.

The aim of the Poetry Collective is to promote the poetic work of its members in particular, and of poetry in general. This is done through regular readings and performances in County Clare and elsewhere, in addition to a regular section in The Clare Champion newspaper to which poets and aspiring poets are encouraged to submit their work for publication. A three-person panel of volunteers drawn from the membership acts as an editorial board in order to ensure a reasonable standard is maintained in the poems published. A list of poems, and the poets who have authored them, which have been published in The Clare Champion to date is available in our poetry corner page. Currently only a handful of these poems can be read here, but most will be available to read here in time.

Regular monthly readings and launches, some of which include an ‘open mic’ section, are held in The Record Break cafĂ© and gallery which is located in Moran’s car park a stone’s throw from the Market Street in Ennis.