Apology to Teenagers

i’m sorry
for what you will become,
judgemental and jealous;
regretful of what you didn’t achieve,
experiment with, venture out into;
or worse still,

spiteful of those who did.
you will put on weight,
lose hair,
count the money in your wallet,
bank account,
pension fund.
you will be scared to stay up late
lest you find it difficult

to rise in the morning
and get to work hindered by
the headache of living.

you will learn to despair of teenagers,

their noise,
their fashion,
their anti-social behaviour
and worst of all, their idealism.
you will especially forget

that teenagers view life

differently to adults;
and you will of course conclude

that their view is not a valid one,

while yours,
is the only one.

you will laugh at their love affairs,
condemn their sexuality;
mock their music,
judge their covers;
denounce their actions,
decry their apathy;
suspect their integrity,
moralise their morals.

in short,

you will become an adult.

© Noel Harrington 2011.

Apology to Teenagers” appeared in the 16 December 2011 edition of the Clare Champion.

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