Beauty MUXZ at Burren College of Art


In homage to the late poet and artist Peter Kay, the Poetry Collective is pleased to be able to perform an extended version of the Beauty MUXZ at the Burren College of Art on 13th August 2016. This MUXZ was last performed at Laura Mulcahy’s Teeny Tiny Theatre in November 2015 with Peter Kay and Patrick Stack as performers. This constituted Peter’s last public performance before his death in December 2015.

Running Order

The running order is as follows:

  1. Brief introduction to the MUXZ by Arthur Watson (about 5 minutes)
  2. The Beauty MUXZ performed by Patrick Stack (about 40 minutes)
  3. Time for audience reflection and reaction (about 10 minutes)
  4. A reading of some of Peter Kay’s poems by
    • Fred Johnston
    • Mary Ellen Fean
    • Mike Douse
    • Frank Golden
    • Deborah Ryan
    • Dónal O’Conaill
    • Arthur Watson
    • Ana Marques Robles


The performance is staged by Arthur Watson and Patrick Stack (members of The Poetry Collective) with the assistance of Carmel Doherty and The Burren College of Art.
A MUXZ is undefinable and is the word we’ve come to use for performance poetry, both structured and improvised, in a group exploration of our human psyche, which can involve other artistic elements alongside written or spoken expressions. The MUXZ performance element owes much inspiration to Jim Dine, Gilbert and George, Ana Mendietta, Marina Abromovitch and many others.
MUXZ have been performed in glór Theatre Studio, Ennis and The Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick.
The MUXZ crew are Patrick Stack and Arthur Watson of The Poetry Collective.
In the Beauty MUXZ it is our purpose is to explore the nature of a humanly created and observed phenomena with the use of multi-media, performance and paint.
We will not be marketing the Beauty MUXZ for any commercial gain.
We acknowledge all the artists, musicians and performers whose work is briefly represented in the Beauty MUXZ and gratefully acknowledge and respect all copyrights.
We gratefully acknowledge the participation of the audience.
We thank our kind hosts in The Burren School of Art, Newtown Castle.
We advise that the performance and film contain some images and sounds which may disturb.
We are grateful to Carmel Doherty for her assistance with filming and editing.
The admission to the Beauty MUXZ, which commences at 7.30pm sharp on 13th August, 2016 is by ticket, RSVP on line and at the door on the night, it’s free but a donation of €5 is suggested to cover costs. Book early as seating is strictly limited.
Please take your seats 10 minutes before the start.
The MUXZ itself lasts approximately 40 minutes.

Photo of Peter Kay