The Sea Met the Sky event

The Sea Met the Sky is an Ennis art event which takes place at benoni’s Art Studio, Chapel Lane, Ennis next Sunday 23 October at 4.30pm. Included is poetry by Patrick Stack, music by Dave Mack and The Fake McCoys, as well as ceramics, drawings, paintings, lively...

The Wild MUXZ at the Belltable

Do plants communicate? Are animals self-aware? Galaxyearthscape plays a powerful role in all literature but modern and post-modern Western rational fiction generally ignores the idea of a sentient cosmos, concentrating instead on Human’s narcissistic obsession with...

Beauty MUXZ at Burren College of Art

Beauty MUXZ at Burren College of Art Introduction In homage to the late poet and artist Peter Kay, the Poetry Collective is pleased to be able to perform an extended version of the Beauty MUXZ at the Burren College of Art on 13th August 2016. This MUXZ was last...

MUXZ rerun postponed

The Art/Beauty MUXZ rerun which was scheduled for 22 January 2016 in Ennis has, unfortunately, had to be postponed due to a serious leak at the venue. It will be run later in the year (May or June 2016) instead.

RIP Peter Kay

Mid-Winter 2015 is proving to be a very sad one with the death of Peter Kay at his home in Ennis.