The Flaggy Shore

I have walked the Flaggy Shore a thousand times,
ten thousand times, infinitesimally eroding
fossilised crustaceans, clusters of calcified weed,
delicate evidences locked in time.
I lick the salt stone, and whisper to its eerie space
words it will carry more or less
as it carries the memory of waves – imperturbably.
I release my words and touch
as stone releases the soft, memoried lives
of molluscs and winkles – millions of generations
fluent in this rock, in its inanimate memory.
Does space hold such companionable eternities,
and will we find there is a time in space,
and space in time, replete in memory of what was and is?

© Frank Golden.

The Flaggy Shore” appeared in the 25 January 2013 edition of the Clare Champion.
It was published in The Interior Act (1999).

Photograph of Frank Golden