(For My Lamented Friend Brendan O’Beirne)

Love’s the song moves in the air

And I am chasing after

Over the sudden bright mountains of dawn

Followed by my laughter.
Love’s the song moves in the sea.

I chase her through my years

Over the curling dark wave crests of dusk

Followed by my tears.
Love’s the song moves in the fire

And I must brave his breath

And set aflame you sheds as yet unborn

Beyond the house of death.
Love’s the song moves in the earth

Where I have strewn my bones.

I dance uncaged into another world

In rapture and loud moans.
Love visits in a lightning flash

Of fierce high intimation;

Explodes weird gourd and holy calabash:

Gusts heaven’s revelation.
Love disappears. Love’s work is done.

Love’s verse is wrought in light.

And in the heart and centre of the sun

There’s envy of love’s night.
But love comes back to take a peep

Then essays an endeavour:

A wide ravine. Love makes a little leap

Far wider than forever.
Love’s the song no ban can down

Or tyrant undermine.

When love has been uprooted from the world

Love germs within some spine.
Love’s the song that will be sung

And love will hear love singing.

When planet Earth is an abandoned skull

Love’s playground will be swinging.

© Peter Kay 2013.

Moves in the Air” appeared in the 19 July 2013 edition of the Clare Champion.

Photograph of Peter Kay