Poetry Readings

Following is a list of poetry readings by members of The Poetry Collective in reverse chronological order (with the most recent reading at the top).

11 Oct 2019Knute SkinnerNelly's Corner Café, LimerickLaunch of "An Upside Down World" (19.30-21.30)
05 Oct 2019Knute SkinnerThe Record BreakLaunch of "An Upside Down World" (17.00-19.00)
04 Oct 2019Patrick StackNelly's Corner Café, LimerickLaunch of "13 ::: The Tenderness of Knives" (19.30-21.00)
28 Sept 2019Knute SkinnerCourthouse Gallery, EnnistymonLaunch of "An Upside Down World" (19.00-20.30)
06 Jul 2019Patrick StackThe Record BreakLaunch of "13 ::: The Tenderness of Knives" (17:00-19:00)
01 Jun 2019Karen J. McDonnellThe Record Break15.00-16.00
04 May 2019Knute SkinnerThe Record Break15.00-16.00
16 Mar 2019Donald GardnerThe Record Break15.00-16.00
02 Mar 2019Seven Sisters EBCF readingThe Record Break15.00-16.00
02 Feb 2019Arthur Watson - "Valentines"The Record Break15.00-15.45
11 Oct 2018"Room 22" MUXZChez Le Fab, Limerick20.00-20.45
21 Sept 2018"Room 22" MUXZglór, Ennis18.15-19.15
01 Sept 2018"Room 22" MUXZThe Record Break15.00-15.45
07 Apr 2018Atlantic PoetsThe Record BreakEnnis Book Club Festival reading
25 Nov '17 - 12 Jan '18Poetry-Art Exhibition 2017The Record Break18 artists respond to poems by 18 poets.
09 Dec 2017Mary Ellen Fean launched her first collection "Driftwood"The Record Break13.00 - 15.00
02 Dec 2017Mike DouseThe Record Break13.00 - 15.00
04 Nov 2017Arthur WatsonThe Record Break13.00 - 15.00
07 Oct 2017Frank Golden & Karen SorensenThe Record Break13.00 - 15.00
24 Sept 2017'Ennis Fringe Festival' reading by Patrick StackMaria Assumpta Hall, Station Rd. Ennis17.15 - 18.00
23 Sept 2017"Che do Bheatha" festival readingKilkee Library12.30 - 14.00
22 Sept 2017Culture Night readingDe Valera Library, Ennis17.00 - 18.15
16 Sept 2017Open stage + 'open mic'The Record Break13.00 - 15.00
02 Sept 2017Knute Skinner
followed by 'open mic'
The Record Break13.00 - 15.00
05 Aug 2017Edward O'Dwyer
followed by 'open mic'
The Record Break
13.00 - 15.00
20 July 2017Mike Douse & Frank Golden read excepts from W.B. Yeats glór, Ennis13.15 - 14.00
16 July 2017'Open Mic' 15:00The Record Break
Constructive feedback given if requested
14 July 2017Patrick Stack | Susan McNamara
Lunchtime Poetry
The Hunt Museum
13:00 - 14:00
04 July 2017Karen J. McDonnell & Terry McDonagh read at 'On the Nail'Chez Le Fab, Limerick
Followed by 'open mic'
01 July 2017Karen J.McDonnell
Launch of first collection
The Record Break
12.30 pm
17 June 2017Karen J.McDonnell
Launch of first collection
The Galway Arts Centre
1.00 pm
Launched by Celeste Augé
13 June 2017Mike Douse talk followed by open micThe Record Break
"WH on WB - Auden's view of Yeats"
11 June 2017Patrick Stack
launch of "Rage"
Nelly's Corner Café
Nicholas St. Limerick
Launched by Frank Golden
03 June 2017Patrick Stack |
with Open Mic
The Record Break
Reading from new collection "Rage"
05 May 2017Paul O'MahonyThe Record Break
27 Apr 2017National Poetry DayThe Record Break
07 Apr 2017Brian MooneyThe Record Break
04 Mar 2017Frank GoldenTemple Gate HotelLaunch of Frank's collection "gotta get a message to you" as part of Ennis Book Club Festival.
03 Mar 2017Martin VernonThe Record BreakLaunch of Martin's first collection: "The Birth and the Cry"
03 Feb 2017Karen J. McDonnell & Mary CollThe Record Break
19 Dec 2016 Poets' Breakfast Reading, 10am.The Record BreakAn informal round-robin reading
02 Dec 2016Knute SkinnerThe Record BreakMusic by Senan Sheedy
02 Nov 2016Clare Sawtell & Frank GoldenThe Record Break
23 Oct 2016Patrick Stack. Music by The Fake McCoysbenoni's Art StudioMusic by The Fake McCoys
06 Oct 2016Jinny ThomasThe Record Break
16 Sept 2016Culture Night reading by Patrick Stack.The Record BreakMusic by The Fake McCoys
15 Sept 2016The Wild MUXZThe Belltable, Limerick20.00
02 Sept 2016Mary Ellen FeanThe Record BreakMusic by Louise O'Flanagan
13 Aug 2016The Beauty MUXZ in honour of Peter KayBurren College of ArtPlus a reading of Peter Kay's poems
05 Aug 2016Fred JohnstonThe Record BreakMusic by Sarah Merrill
09 July 2016Poets' breakfast reading:
The Record Break11.00 - 12.00
01 July 2016Patrick StackThe Record BreakMusic by Emma Langford
03 June 2016Martin VernonThe Record Break
06 May 2016Arthur WatsonThe Record BreakMusic by Emma Langford
02 March 2016Patrick StackThe White House, Limerick
05 February 2016Ruth MarshallThe Record Break
04 December 2015Arthur WatsonThe Record Break
30 October 2015Mike DouseThe Record BreakMusic by Barry Jay Hughes
07 October 2015Knute SkinnerThe Record Break
18 September 2015Patrick StackThe Record Break"Culture Night" reading
Music by The Fake McCoys
04 September 2015Peter KayThe Record BreakMusic by Denise Brown
05 June 2015Martin VernonThe Record BreakMusic by Paddy Mulcahy
01 May 2015Karen McDonnell & Dónal O'ConaillThe Record BreakMusic by Emer O'Flaherty