Post Office Field, Ennis

Two dead trees
Stand tall
Washing their feet
In the Fergus
As it gently chuckles by
No hint of life
No bud
No shoot
No leaf
Bark naked
Yet life flourishes
Sustained and
Invisibly tended
By this stark couple
Winter Cormorants
Have preened and stretched
Their magnificent wings
Along the trunk roads
Two ivies race for the sky
Busy wood lice
Make themselves at home
And between the dandelions
A tattered tortoiseshell
Shelters from the breeze
Welcomes the sun
Savours the spring
And so do I

© Martin Vernon 2014.

Post Office Field, Ennis” appeared in the 8 April 2014 edition of the Clare Champion.
It was composed by the poet on 1 April 2014.

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