The MUXZ Sessionz

The concept of the MUXZ stems from three days and nights of conversation between Arthur Watson and Patrick Stack at Electric Picnic 2011, at which the then Three-Legged Stool Poets did a spot in the Spoken Word Tent, and is a sort of rebellion against being fenced in and limited against our wishes.

We will not be categorised, labeled and boxed by small-minded know-it-all arse-elbowed arts administrators with outsized egos puffed up with perceived prestige like prized poultry in Farmer Jones’ pens.

So, what is MUXZ? A parsing of the word with Qabalistic help will shed some light.

  • M is Mem meaning water – the primordial waters in the womb of the Great Mother, upon which the Spirit vibrated the original sound mmmmm.
  • U is Vav the original vowel which when uttered with M gives the universal sound OOOOMMM, or when reversed, as is the case here, the sound uttered by the Great Cow!
  • X is really KH, Cheth meaning fence, used to define or mark out an area, to differentiate the this from the not-this.
  • Z is Zayin meaning sword, in alchemy the symbol of purification, in Buddhism used to discriminate and cut away ignorance, to behead the hydra of illusion as it were, in celtic lore the symbol of Nuada of the underwater realm, in Christianity a symbol of protection, in the Tarot a symbol of mind.

Thus it issues forth from the belly to sizzle on the tongue-tip – MUKHZ.


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January 8, 2016