Do plants communicate? Are animals self-aware? Galaxyearthscape plays a powerful role in all literature but modern and post-modern Western rational fiction generally ignores the idea of a sentient cosmos, concentrating instead on Human’s narcissistic obsession with ‘Self’ wherein Nature reliably provides the inanimate backdrop and Human alone has consciousness and can command and control as capriciously desired.

As it rapidly becomes more evident that Human’s arrogance about and ignorance of Nature’s Voice is destroying Earth’s viability, The Poetry Collective explores the reality of a sentient cosmos by placing 21st Century Technological Human in flux among the Elements in our Age of Uncertainty. In The Wild MUXZ  we attempt to recognise, appreciate and embody this ‘reality’ and its effect on humanity by improvisation and extemporization in a mixed media performance event with the emphasis on spoken word/sound. As our Limerick poet, Robert Graves stated in The White Goddess in relation to Nature:

Once a warning to Man that he must keep in harmony with the family of living creatures among which he was born…it is now a reminder that he has disregarded the warning, turned the house upside down by capricious experiments in science, philosophy and industry and brought ruin upon himself and his family.

The Wild MUXZ by The Poetry Collective is an ‘On the Nail’ literary cabaret production presented by The Limerick Writers Centre, and  takes place on Thursday 15 September 2016 at The Belltable, Limerick at 8pm.

Tickets are available from 061-953400 and